Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair Accessories

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May 27, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides,


We covered veils in our last post and discussed at length how many options there are! If veils arent for you, do not fear, we have SO many more options when it comes to bridal accessories!


1) Simple and Stunning: No Accessories! Do whatever feels the most "you" on your big day



Bel Fiore Bride Hannah Jordan did her own hair and makeup and looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day! 

Photographer: Kaitlyn Fellows Photography

Venue: The Day Chapel, State Botanical Gardens in Athens GA


Get the Look! Hannah chose not to add any accessories, but for a simple look if you do want something in your hair, try a small comb for a touch of bling (like our Hollywood Comb here):



2) Modern and Rustic: Add an elegant hair wrap or halo crown to accessorize! Bel Fiore Bride Ashley nailed this look with our Zurich headpiece


Bride: Ashley Darnell

Gown: Bel Fiore Bridal

Headpiece:Bel Fiore Zurich Headpiece

Photographer: Jennifer Oetting Photography 

Venue: Foxhall Resort 

Makeup/hair: Vigilante Cosmetics


Get the Look! Zurich Headpiece:


3) Timeless and Classy: A side hair clip or comb, especially one with pearl accents, always photographs beautifully and looks effortlessly chic!

Bride: Maesha Tywer


Get the look! Similarly striking, check out our Vienna Hair Clip:


4) Dreamy and Bohemian: Add some florals and greenery whether it be a sideswept arrangement like below, a sprig of baby's breath, or a fresh flower crown

Photographer: Lindsey LaRue

Florals: A Delicate Petal

Gown: Bel Fiore Bridal


Get the look! Our Bel Fiore Bridal Harga Headpiece is a gorgeous add-on to any bridal look following a etherial or boho theme


No matter what you do to accessorize, we are here to help you feel perfect on your wedding day! To see our gorgeous selection of accessories, come visit us at Bel Fiore Bridal. We are working hard to bring our collection of accessories viewable on our website soon!