Silhouettes: The Ballgown

Silhouettes: The Ballgown

Silhouettes: The Ballgown. Mobile Image

Apr 07, 2020

Many brides dream of wearing a ballgown down the aisle and there are many pros and cons of doing so! A ball gown silhouette is fitted to the waist, usually the smallest point though some styles are drop waist and go almost to the hips before poofing out. They are glamorous, princess-like, and can give a very formal or ethereal feel depending on what look you are going for and the wedding theme.


Here is a quick Q&A on questions we often get regarding the ballgown silhouette:


What is the difference between A-line and ball gown?

  • The difference is usually the amount of volume! A a-line gown is not fitted, but lays straight like a traditional skirt. A crinoline can be added to make it more dramatic or just let it lay the way it naturally does, but it does not have the dramatic volume that a ball gown does! The true differentiating factor is in the crinoline, usually many layers of stiff tulle are featured in ball gowns to make the skirt puff out to dramatic levels, creating the illusion of a tiny waist and adding height to the body.


Is it heavy? Can I make it less "poofy"?

  • Some balls gowns are heavy, some are not. It really depends on the fabrics it is made of. Tulle and organza are not going to be as heavy as more formal fabrics like satin or makado. The stiff crinoline and the amount of layers are what add the most weight, and they can easily be removed during alterations to make the gown lay flatter or make it lighter.


How do I bustle it? Can I still have a train?

  • Most ball gowns have a sweep train, a slightly longer point in the back, but many styles still feature dramatic trains! For those that do not, many create the look with a long cathedral length veil. Ball gowns can be easily bustled just as fitted gowns do, and a french bustle (one tucked underneath opposed to over the top of the dress) works really well with a skirt with lots of dimension (like Bekah's tiered skirt in the photos below!)


I am petite but want to wear a ballgown, will it be too much?

  • Many brides are concerned the gown will wear them opposed to them wearing the gown, especially those of us that are short or petite. Anyone can wear a ballgown, no matter what body type! Our advice is always to try it on! You never know until you try it. Alterations are the key to making the gown perfect. Sometimes taking out one layer of crinoline is all you need to get the perfect look for your frame. Our Bel Fiore Stylists know lots of tricks for giving you the look once this is done during your initial appointment.


Why wear a ballgown? Is this the right silhouette for me?

  • There are few other times in your life you get the chance to wear a princess ball gown, so why not try it! You never know what silhouette is perfect for you until you try it on. We encourage everyone to give each type a try. 


Here is gorgeous Bel Fiore Bride Bekah in her tiered skirt ballgown!

wedding dress, ball gown, martin thronburg


Ball gown, Wedding Dress


wedding dress, ball gown, martin thronburg


Wedding Dress, Ball Gown, Martin Thronburg


Here are the featured vendors:

Photographer: Melissa Artieda, @melissartieda, Hair/makeup: Studio 123, @studio123.abrown, Venue Location: The Wheeler House, @thewheelerhouse

Bekah is wearing Bel Fiore Gown "Beyonce", Martin Thornburg