Bridal Trunk Show Q&A

Bridal Trunk Show Q&A

Bridal Trunk Show Q&A. Mobile Image

Apr 24, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides!


In bridal media like TV and magazines, brides often hear the words "Trunk Show." We get questions about trunk shows all the time and people curious about what exactly they are, what they offer and how they work. With that being said, it is time to answer all your questions about trunk shows and our process here at Bel Fiore Bridal!


What exactly IS a trunk show?

  • Trunk shows are when a bridal design house sends an entire line to a store for a limited amount of time, usually for one weekend only. Most stores, ours included, have many different design houses with multiple collections, and we must carefully pick and chose from their vast collections which styles we carry as samples. But, during a trunk show, we get to have every gown from a certain collection on display for our brides to try on and choose from. This gives the brides even more options than they usually have and allows us to have gowns in store we would not be able to show our brides otherwise.


What does "Design House" and "Line" mean exactly? How many more options does this give me?

  • Design house refers to the "brand" basically, underneath this is the designer label and the line is the specific collection, usually by season. For example, we buy gowns by season, in this case lets say Fall 2020. We may carry 5 gowns from the Martin Thornburg collection for this season. However, Martin may have released 20 gowns. Without the room or budget to carry a sample for every gown in the collection, we choose our 5 top favorites. We can then bring in the other 15 during a trunk show meaning brides who love the whole collection will have access to it during those times.


How does a trunk show work? Why is it only for a couple of days?

  • Trunk shows travel from bridal store to bridal store, with rules and protocol that must be followed to keep them in perfect condition. Bridal gowns are made to order and our designers work hard to make an entire collection that's sole purpose will be to travel, so while we may have them booked one weekend, the next weekend they might be booked at another bridal salon across the country. This is why these events are for short time frames.


What is the incentive? Do I get a discount?

  • There are many incentives to book an appointment during a trunk show! Of course, having access to more gowns than ever before, especially if from a designer you love is worth it. However, trunk shows are also one of the few times in the bridal world where discounts are encouraged by the designers and stores! We are allowed trunk show deals with discounts we can only provide during the weekend time frame the trunk show line is in store. It varies by designer, but ensure that you will have access to the best possible price on a designer gown when shopping their trunk show. 


How often are trunk shows happening in the store?

  • Here at Bel Fiore we try to have trunk shows as often as we can. During busy season (Jan-March) we often have shows every other weekend. Even during off season, we tend to have a show booked every month. 


Trunk shows not only provide beautiful gown options to our brides, but allow us to see different gowns we do not have on all types of people and how they react to them. Often the excitement from a trunk show gown and seeing it in person encourages us to bring it into the store, take Farrah for example; both the gown and the bride! Farrah fell in love with this gown during the Sophia Tolli trunk show. and it was so stunning and perfect for her we just HAD to bring it into our store. Here at Bel Fiore we name our gowns, so naturally we quickly dubbed this gorgeous sheath silhouette crepe gown "Farrah" after her. You can see our inspiration from her gorgeous wedding pictures below!



Check out her amazing local vendors below!

 Photographer: Heather Dettore Photography

Venue for Ceremony: Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church