Dress Shape Diary

Dress Shape Diary

One of the biggest decisions when shopping for your wedding dress is the silhouette. The entire design of your gown is structured around the silhouette, and the overall dress shape is one of the biggest determining factors of how you personally feel in your gown. Since plenty of brides begin their dress shopping journey unsure where to start, we’re helping you out with a breakdown of the most popular dress silhouettes:

Ball Gown

99189 by Justin Alexander Signature



An iconic shape, the ball gown is known for its regal, feminine look. A favorite shape of royalty and everyday women alike, the silhouette’s defining feature is a full, rounded skirt that gives the dress a statement-making silhouette. The full skirt instantly adds drama, and is versatile enough to range from modern, edgy designs like this Justin Alexander style to more traditional, lace-covered designs to make any bride happy. 


Berkleigh by Stella York



The A-line has a similar shape to the ball gown, but the skirt has a much less rounded, dramatic skirt. The skirt’s shape is more of a gentle slant, creating an A-shape (hence the name) that points inwards to your waist, making you appear thinner. The slimming effect of the shape makes it a popular choice for brides of all styles, from classic to boho. 


Autumn by Essense of Australia



If you want a dress that’s dramatic and figure-flattering, look no further than the mermaid. This silhouette is defined by its lower skirt, with the bodice remaining fitted through the hip and the skirt flaring from the knee to create an exaggerated, curvy shape that works with your curves perfectly. If you’re searching for the perfect silhouette to highlight your hips, the mermaid has everything you’re looking for. 

Fit and Flare

Carmela by Stella York



The fit and flare is a more subdued version of the mermaid silhouette, with the skirt flaring from mid-way down the thigh rather than the knee. The skirt is significantly less structured, creating a more relaxed hourglass figure that gives you a completely effortless yet slightly sexy look. 

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