Flat Lays

Flat Lays


What is a Flat Lay?

A flat lay sounds weird but it’s actually really simple! Flat lays are photos taken of several different items arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. These photos are usually taken from an above angle. People take flat lays for various different reasons like vacations, fashion, restaurant marketing, or special events like a baby shower or a wedding. Wedding day flat lays have become a must-have for most wedding albums in the past few years. But what should be included in your wedding flat lay?



  From Sir With Love also creates these gift boxes that are perfect for any bridal party, honeymoon suite, or corporate events!

What Should I Include?


Your wedding day flat lay can really be whatever you want and you can include anything that is personal to you as a couple and your day. The base to a lot of wedding flat lays is any stationery that was created for the wedding. This can be your engagement announcement, wedding invitations, RSVP cards, wedding itineraries, programs, place cards, menus and whatever other stationery products you may have. Some other commonly seen items in a 






 wedding layout are accessories, wedding ring/bands, flowers and perfume or cologne. When you hire someone like From Sir with Love, they can help you create your stationery, so you don't leave anything out. Adding customized items to your flat lay can really make it unique to you as a couple. Some items that you could get customized are napkins, stamps, koozies, and even cookies.







Is It All Necessary?


No one will hold it against you if a flat lay doesn’t end up in your wedding gallery, but it is a great way to get several littler details of your wedding in one photo. We recently updated our preferred vendors list and lucky for all you brides we have a stationery vendor, From Sir With Love. All of the flat lays & gift boxes in this blog were created by From Sir With Love.