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Apr 23, 2024

What are the "Traditional" Wedding Dress Colors?

Weddings have a lot of traditions. In almost every culture, the bride and groom have a list of traditions to follow, including their outfits and colors. We can thank Queen Victoria for starting the tradition all the way back in 1840 of the bride wearing a white wedding gown. Today, a lot of countries and specific regions still value the tradition of a pure white wedding dress. Especially down here in the south, some brides still strive for a clean, traditional gown. However, a lot of brides today don’t particularly want to be a traditional bride and don’t care to uphold certain traditions. 


It can be confusing as a bride to start your wedding dress shopping journey searching for your white wedding dress and you all of a sudden start getting told by your consultant, “we don’t do white in weddings anymore”. Don’t panic. Your white wedding dress dreams are still reachable. But, why is the color of a wedding dress one of the most challenged traditions? Why does your photographer want you to not have a white dress?


In comes ivory…. as Taylor would say: “It’s me, Ivory. Hi. I’m the problem, it's me.”




Ivory vs. White...


Ivory in the bridal world is different from the regular ivory color. When you think of ivory, normally an off-white, murky white color comes to mind. However, often in bridal stores, the ivory gowns often get mistaken as pure white gowns because of how white they appear. But why do your bridal consultants and photographers not want you to buy an actual diamond white gown? Well that's because when white gowns are photographed, they produce a blue hue. This can mess up the photos aesthetic you set up for your wedding day. Pure white gowns can also make a bride's teeth appear more yellow. You spend hours planning out every detail of your wedding, don't let a color ruin your aesthetics. 




This is also important to keep in mind when it comes to the outfits of the wedding party and any bridal accessories. More than likely, when you order anything outside of a bridal gown, you still want to make sure you order white and not ivory. For example, if you wanted your groom to wear a white suit, you would order a white suit to go with your ivory dress, not an ivory suit because it will have that off-white/tan look.




 In the two photos above, it shows the possible difference between tux colors. The left suit is considered ivory, while the suit on the right is a white suit. 





But...Does it Really Matter?

We know that for most brides, having a white wedding dress has been engraved into their minds. But it is important to know the truth to the bridal color theory, to ensure that all your wedding photos come out how you imagined them and so all of the bridal party is cohesive. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding! Do what makes you happy.