How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

How To Decide What Color Wedding Dress To Order

As a bridal shop, the most frequently asked question we at Bel Fiore Bridal in Atlanta have received from brides is, “Which color should I order?” From ivory to cream to an entirely different hue that doesn’t fall in the white category, it can be so overwhelming to choose. Today we wanted to share some advice for deciding what color wedding dress to order.



You should keep in mind that if you order your wedding dress based on a sample gown you tried on in the store, the actual dress you receive may differ substantially. Online images of certain types of beads or sparkles may differ greatly from how they appear in store. Some of the gowns in-store might be older and appear more tarnished with the beading; therefore, when you get a brand new gown, it can look completely different!


Your stylist should be able to give you a better idea of the dress' condition if this will be an issue. The dress should be ordered in the same color as the original picture. 

Keep in mind the style of the dress you are wearing! Let's say you opt for a gown with a darker undertone and ivory lace on the top. The detail of the lace will show up much more clearly in photos that in real life, regardless of what your skin tone is. If you want something more ivory on ivory, ask your stylist to show you a piece of ivory fabric side by side with the gown so you can really picture how the undertones look in real life.


At the end of the day, choosing what color your wedding gown is should be completely up to you! The most important thing is to try on multiple dresses to get an idea of what looks best on you and what you feel great about. Make sure you have your phone on hand to take pictures so you can see how the gowns you try on will look in photographs!


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