How to Prepare for Bridal Shopping

How to Prepare for Bridal Shopping

How to Prepare for Bridal Shopping. Mobile Image

Jun 23, 2020


Hello Beautiful Brides! 


Today we are going to talk about how to prep for a bridal appointment. Many visiting our store are first time shoppers for bridal gowns, and Bel Fiore Bridal is the perfect stop to get the full gown shopping experience! Our consultants are trained to guide you through the process as easily as possible, but here are some tips on how to make it easier and make the most of your appointment time:


1) Find Inspiration: Whether it be a pinterest board, a vibe, pictures saved on your phone, etc. It is completely okay to not have a clue what you want (and our consultants will have you try on different styles than what you have in mind to begin with, just to make sure they are ruled out completely), but have a general idea, describing your every day style to your consultant is a great start!


2) Have an Open Mind, You May Surprise Yourself!: Be willing to try on different styles; Most dresses look very different on a body than they do on a hanger! We pull one of each silhouette if you have never tried them on, and quickly try to narrow it down to one or two of your favorite silhouettes. Any body type can wear any type of dress! Petite people can wear ball gowns, plus size girls look stunning in fitted gowns, etc. Do not feel you are limited to a certain silhouette because of your body type. The options are endless.


3) Keep Your Everyday Style in Mind: If you constantly wear your hair down, you probably want to wear it down for your appointment and on your wedding day. If you absolutely hate wearing tight or tailored clothes, you may want to avoid fitted gowns. Keep your comfort in mind, these things do resonate to your final gown choice! You do want to be able to move and be comfortable on your wedding day, and our designers really do keep comfort in mind.


4) Eat and Stay Hydrated Before Your Bridal Appointment: Getting in and out of dresses and going through an appointment is both mentally and physically exhausting. It is easy to feel drained by the end of it. Make sure to eat something before you start the journey and drink water. Breathe and have fun! Many brides get nervous or feel overwhelmed and having energy from being hydrated will help avoid this. 


5) Don't Bring a Crowd: About 2-5 people max is usually what we suggest when shopping for a bridal gowns. Off course this varies for each bride, but do not bring EVERY friend and family member along who shows interest in going. It can get very overwhelming when too many opinions are involved and ultimately the decision is yours and only yours.


6) Have a Budget in Mind and Stick Close to it (Also Do Not Forget About Alterations):  Often if something you like is a little over budget, it is easy to have alternatives of what can be cut back on to afford that dress, but do not pull dresses literally twice what you originally thought you wanted to spend. Your consultant will help guide you towards styles that fit what you want and meet the dollar amount you are willing to invest. They will also help you estimate what alterations you may need and can set you up with a seamstress to consult before buying. Alterations are an important part of the process as we discussed in previous blog posts!


7) Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions and Have Fun!: Your consultant knows all the ins and outs of bridal fashions! Ask them anything you want to know. We will answer everything honestly and without judgement. Let us make the experience easy for you and remember to relax and have fun! We are with you 100% of the way and are only here to help you find your dream gown.


Picture featured is Beautiful Bel Fiore Bride April in her gorgeous gown in Generations Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico!

Gown: Bel Fiore Gown "Julia"

Photographer: Memorable Moments Photography