Mother of the Bride: How to Pick the Perfect Gown

When you’re the mother of the bride, a lot of people automatically picture you gazing at your beautiful daughter, proud of her choice—and one day, her choice to marry. So when it’s time for your girl to get married, it’s important that you find the perfect dress for her special day, and we can help! We at Bel Fiore Bridal in Atlanta know how much this means to a lot of moms, so we’re going to run through some tips on how to pick the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress by covering the basics!



Choose a dress that compliments the bride's gown. Bridesmaids' dresses can be a tool for the bride's mother to create a color palette for her daughter! If you decide to go in another direction from the bridal party gowns, we always suggest black gowns for our mothers of the bride. Black is perfect because it doesn’t compete with any other colors and is understated enough for a mother of the bride, like this beautiful Jasmine gown from the Jade Couture Spring 2022 Collection.




It’s helpful to set a budget when shopping for your dress, but we always encourage our mothers to spend the money on a beautiful gown they feel comfortable in and create lifelong memories with your daughter on her wedding day! You (and your daughter!) are worth it and deserve to feel beautiful - plus, the photos will be priceless if you both love the way you look.


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