New 2024 Bridal Trend

New 2024 Bridal Trend

New 2024 Bridal Trend. Mobile Image

Jun 03, 2024

The Basque Waist is Back

This is great news for almost every bride because the basque waist is one of the most versatile waistlines that can look great on several different body types. This specific style originated in the 19th century and let me tell you, those Victorian women knew what they were doing. This waistline allows you to still have a sheath or voluminous skirt while keeping the top of the gown fitted to show your shape. Fortunately for all of our brides, we stay on top of trends and already have several basque waist gowns in store to try on.




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 Not all trends that come back into popularity are worth trying. However, we say that trying a basque waist is worth it. The lines of the waist line create an elongation effect on the torso, making it incredibly flattering on multiple body shapes.