Should you Reschedule your Wedding?

Should you Reschedule your Wedding?. Mobile Image

Apr 01, 2020

On March 16th the CDC recommended events be canceled or postponed for 8 weeks, this includes weddings!  That means if your date was before May 11th, you have been scrambling to change your plans. But what if your date is mid-may or early June?  Where does your wedding stand? Ask yourself these questions with the hope of finding clarity. 


1: If you keep your date, what vendors will show up?

Many brides think about the guest count, but your vendors are just as important.  Can you do your own hair and makeup, arrange flowers, or settle for a self serve beverage station?  Many vendors will be opting out of weddings for a while, so check in with them to see if they still plan to work your event. 


2: Ask your guests if they will come?

No matter when you have your wedding, some guests won’t be able to make it, so focus on the people you will miss the most.  If mom, dad, or a grandparent is not comfortable traveling now, are they able to tune in via Facebook Live, or Skype? Will you be okay if they attend virtually, or is the hug what you will miss?  


3: What will rescheduling cost you?

There is a financial side to rescheduling.  Are all the vendors you have deposits willing to hold the deposit and reschedule, or will there be an additional fee?  Same thought if you are considering canceling the big day and just doing a smaller elopement style ceremony. What is the cost to cancel vs postpone?


4: What date would you reschedule to?

Venues are the first to fill up, so start with them.  If your spring wedding was always the dream, will they hold the deposit a year and allow you to book for next year, or will they only hold the deposit for 6 months?  Is a fall or winter wedding something you are okay with? Would a Friday or Sunday be something your guests would be able to work around? This late in the process your bridesmaid gowns have already been selected and the colors are set.  Will they translate to the new date? After getting availability dates from the venue, email that date to the other vendors and see if everyone can work out your new date. 


5: What do you do once you have made a decision?

Notify everyone!  Send out a “re-save our date” email or card to your guests, and give them a new timeline of dates… is the bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties going to move too? When will new RSVPs be due, and how will they be collected? E-mail all vendors.  Make sure they know you will be asking for new RSVPs and the guest headcount may change, ask how they would like to re-work that. If you are not moving your date, let the guests know, and give them the option of re-RSVPing as they should assess their own situation.  Don’t be upset when many choose to stay home. Just keep your focus on the goal… making your fiance your spouse! 


Nothing about this is easy, and our hearts go out to every couple who are having to decide what to reschedule or keep their wedding date.