Tester Trunk Shows: What Are They?

Tester Trunk Shows: What Are They?. Mobile Image

Sep 11, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides!


When it comes to bridal fashion, designers are constantly working to give brides the lastest and greatest styles. They analyze trends, hunt for new fabrics and beading, look at the performance history of their past designs, and more! One of their favorite ways of getting direct feedback for new styles is through test shows. We did a blog post in the past about what trunk shows are and how they allow stores unique opportunities to bring in designs they have; but a test trunk show is even more exclusive! 


Test trunk shows let bridal stores like us bring in a designer's tentative new collections. These designs have not even hit production yet! Our store and our brides get to be the testers for these new designs so the designers know which gowns to add to the collection and which ones brides arent favoring. They listen carefully to feedback and make changes based on what the brides who try them on like and dislike. Here are a few advantages of attending a tester trunk show: 


1) Exclusive opportunity to give direct feedback to a designer you love: Our designers send us test shows and encourage us to get direct feedback from brides on the pros and cons of the gowns they try. They are intently listening and ready to make changes based on what you have to say! We relay everything said directly back to the designer, in this case Martin Thornburg himself.


2) First Access to a unreleased bridal collection: You get to be the FIRST to try on these designs! 


3) One of a Kind Gowns: The designs you try on may or may not make the chop for the new collection, but if you fall in love with one that does not get produced it can still be made for you! This presents an opportunity to get a gown literally no one else will have, because you had the opportunity to try it on before it was even presented to the public


Ask when we are hosting our next Testing Trunk Show... We cannot wait to see what you have to say!