Tuxedos: How To Pick The Best Colors Here

Tuxedos: How To Pick The Best Colors Here


Here at Bel Fiore Bridal in Atlanta, we’re thrilled to partner with Jim’s Formalwear to help our guys find the perfect customized tuxedo for a wedding or any other formal event! We think that tuxedo shopping is a fun experience; however, many can feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices you have. Read on if you need some tips for finding the best color for your tux!



Go Neutral Rather


Rather than the typical dark blue or black tuxedo, we're seeing a lot of guys wearing tuxedos in neutral shades this year. This looks especially great if you're having an outdoor or summer wedding! It’s light enough to keep you cool and it complements pretty much any color scheme you want!



Color Coordinate


We believe it’s important that your tuxedo pairs well with either your formal event date or partner for your wedding! You can either wear a shirt that has a pop of color tying in to your event or you can wear a boutonniere that matches your partner's bouquet! Guys can also choose to wear a vest that ties in with the color scheme of the event.



Personalize It To Fit You

What’s great about our partnership with Jim’s Formalwear is that they offer so many different colors and styles that you can really customize your tuxedo to fit your individual personality. You can change things up and go against the grain of a traditional tuxedo by pairing vibrant accessories with a velvet jacket or opting for a bright hue that makes you feel just as special on your big day.


With Jim's Formalwear, you can choose a tuxedo style that is unique to you at Bel Fiore Bridal regardless of your style. There are many ways to create a tuxedo look that fits your personal style, whether you're a traditionalist or looking to play around with colors! If you’re ready to find your perfect tuxedo, book an appointment with us today!