Wedding Gown Q&A

Wedding Gown Q&A

Mar 15, 2020

Hello Bel Fiore Brides!


There are many common question ladies have when they come and try on gowns for the first time. One common concern we hear quite often is, "How do I deal with this long train once I want to dance?" It is beautiful for the walk down the aisle and wedding photos, but of course a cathedral length train is not exactly practical! This is where a bustle comes in. A bustle is done in alterations and can be styled many different ways. It makes the train the same length as the hem of the gown and keeps it out of the bride's way for the reception. Many bridal designers take a bustle into consideration when designing their gowns,placing lines of embroidery, buttons, or beading down the back center. It transforms the gown into a beautiful, practical new look!


There are two different types of bustles, an American style that is place over top the gown with buttons or snaps, and a French style that is tucked underneath the gown and fastened the same way. It depends on personal preference, gown style, and length of the gown which style you choose!


Check out our Beautiful bride Katherine's American style bustle from her October wedding. She is wearing Bel Fiore Gown "Jess" in Ivory. The gown is by Essence Designs and her beautiful venue was the Grand Hall at Trump Winery. Alterations were done by our amazing Bel Fiore seamstress, Min.