Wedding Veil Lengths

Wedding Veil Lengths


Selecting the wedding veil to frame your dress is like selecting the icing flavor to match your
cake. Different styles can create entirely different overall bridal looks, and the sheer amount of
options can be overwhelming! To help you start simplifying your search, we’ve sorted every veil
into four loose categories: upper body, middle body, floor-length, and train-length. Here is your
ultimate guide to wedding veils.



Upper Body Veils

Birdcage Wedding Veil + Blusher Wedding Veil



The birdcage veil, often referred to as a bandeau veil, is a short, face-framing piece with
vintage-inspired flair. This style offers minimal coverage of your face only, ending either right
below your eyes or at your jaw. Reaching slightly lower than the birdcage, the blusher veil
covers your face, as well as your neck and shoulders, ending just above the top of your dress.
When you reach the altar, a blusher is pulled back right before the smooch, creating a romantic
‘big reveal’ of your face.


Middle Body Veils

Elbow Wedding Veil, Fingertip Wedding Veil, & Knee Wedding Veil


As stated in their names, elbow veils, fingertip veils, and knee veils hit at -- you guessed it, your
elbows, fingertips, or knees, respectively. Each of these frame the center of your body and add
airy, fluttering elegance to your bridal look. These veils are perfect if you’re looking for
something that allows your gown’s back design to be seen through the sheer fabric.


Floor-Length Veils

Waltz Wedding Veil & Chapel Wedding Veil




The waltz wedding veil falls to your mid-calf, creating the perfect option for brides who want to
wear a long veil at their ceremony while maintaining the freedom of unrestrained movement
throughout their reception. The chapel wedding veil extends slightly further than the waltz,
sweeping the floor just beyond the length of your gown. This style creates the illusion of a train,
without the weight of a full one.


Train-Length Veils

Cathedral Wedding Veil, Royal Wedding Veil & Abby Wedding Veil


This last category of veils are the longest of the bunch. The cathedral veil is 108-120” long,
trailing about 20” behind you, while the 120-140” royal veil is outfitted with an approximately 40”
long tail. The final, longest wedding veil style is the abby veil, measuring 180” and creating a
whopping 80” train following you down the aisle. These dramatic styles are the key to a grand
entrance and regal bridal presence.

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