Bridal Hair Accessories

May 27, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides,   We covered veils in our last post and discussed at length how many options there are! If veils arent for you, do not fear, we have SO many more options when it comes to bridal accessories!   1) Simple and...

Veils: How a Veil can Transform Your Bridal Look

May 22, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides!   Today we are talking veils! Whether to wear or not to wear a veil is a decision brides often face and come in with questions about. There are many solutions for accessorizing that do not include wearing a veil, and...

Love Isn't Canceled

May 12, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides!   Due to Covid-19, thousands of people in our state have been impacted as they deal with the phsycial, mental, and economical effects of the terrible virus. Working in the bridal industry, we have watched so many of our...

Bridal Trunk Show Q&A

Apr 24, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides!   In bridal media like TV and magazines, brides often hear the words "Trunk Show." We get questions about trunk shows all the time and people curious about what exactly they are, what they offer and how they work. With...

All About Alterations: Making Your Bridal Gown Perfect

Apr 19, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides!   We get lots of questions about alterations and today we are going to highlight a gorgeous gown transformation done by one of our Bel Fiore Seamstresses and share a few FAQs we get at the store. Finding your perfect...

Silhouettes: A-Line

Apr 13, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides!   Lately we have been sharing our most popular bridal gown silhouettes and today we are going to talk a little bit about A-line gowns. Last week we shared the pros and cons of the super popular ballgown silhouette, and...

Silhouettes: The Ballgown

Apr 07, 2020

Many brides dream of wearing a ballgown down the aisle and there are many pros and cons of doing so! A ball gown silhouette is fitted to the waist, usually the smallest point though some styles are drop waist and go almost to the hips before poofing...

Our Bel Fiore Brides

Silhouettes: The Fit and Flare

Apr 04, 2020

Hello Beautiful Brides,   When shopping for a wedding gown, many brides have a silhouette in mind that they have always imagined themselves walking down the aisle in. We wanted to feature some of our gorgeous Bel Fiore Brides and what better...

What is a bustle? And do I need one?

Wedding Gown Q&A

Mar 15, 2020

Hello Bel Fiore Brides!   There are many common question ladies have when they come and try on gowns for the first time. One common concern we hear quite often is, "How do I deal with this long train once I want to dance?" It is beautiful for...

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