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- All sales final. No refunds or exchanges.
- Failure to deliver goods by Bel Fiore Bridal is limited to a refund of money paid.
- I agree with the designer, style, color and size for each item ordered.
- I understand that custom measurements and/or custom length may not be exact.
- I understand that dye lots may vary from swatches.
- I understand that while Bel Fiore Bridal may take my measurements and review the designer’s size chart with me, the final size
decision is solely my responsibility. Bel Fiore does not force any customer to order a certain size and is not responsible if my dress
does not fit.
- A 60% deposit on the full retail price is required on wedding gowns prior to ordering. All other items require payment in full. The
balance is due within 20 calendar days upon receipt of the dress at Bel Fiore Bridal. Late payments will incur an interest charge at
the rate of 3% on any balances. Interest is charged on a per month basis, billable and payable on the first day of each month and
will not be prorated. Dresses must be picked up from Bel Fiore Bridal within 20 calendar days upon receipt of the dress at our
store Customer will be notified by phone, email, or both. Pickup exceptions only allowed when Storage Agreement is purchased
for an additional fee (see Storage Agreement details). I further understand that payments are forfeited in case the event is
cancelled, without exception.
- Bridal gowns that are paid for and cancelled prior to the order being placed with the designer are subject to a 10% cancellation
fee. Orders already placed with the designers are not able to be canceled.
- I understand that all sales are final and are neither returnable nor exchangeable once the order has been placed or the item has
been removed from Bel Fiore Bridal. No Exceptions.
- I understand that should the event be cancelled or changed, I am responsible for providing timely notice to Bel Fiore. I will be
responsible for full payment of all merchandise ordered and bought out of stock within 20 calendar days of the arrival of my dress
at Bel Fiore.
- Gown must be paid for in full and taken from the shop within twenty (20) calendar days of notification of gown arriving at Bel Fiore
Bridal. Insurance is not in effect after the twenty (20) day period. There will be a $1 per day storage fee incurred on the 21st day,
and every day thereafter.
- After 100 days of storage, without storage agreement, gown is considered abandoned and becomes the property of Bel Fiore
Bridal, unless other arrangements are made in writing during special circumstances.
- I will notify Bel Fiore if someone other than the customer on this form will be picking up my items BEFORE they arrive to pick them
- I understand that when purchasing a floor sample item or take-home today dress, it is sold in “as is” condition. The cost of any
fixing and cleaning will be the customer’s responsibility.
- For tux/suit orders, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged for any event cancelled at any time before the use date
- I understand that alterations to the merchandise may be necessary and are normal and expected.
- I understand alterations will incur a separate charge.
- Bel Fiore offers alterations appointments at the store by independent contractors, but I am not required to use a Bel Fiore
recommended seamstress.
- I further understand that I will not hold Bel Fiore liable for my alterations.
- Prior to my initial fitting, I understand the garment must be paid in full.
- I understand I should book my first alterations appointment at least 2 months, preferably 3 months prior to my wedding date,
unless special circumstances apply.
- All fittings are by appointment only. Please check with the store in advance for the alterations schedule. Times and days are
subject to change and can vary depending on the time of year.
- In some cases, your alterations may require up to 5 or more appointments for the proper fit. Your Seamstress will schedule your
follow-up fitting(s) the day of your 1 st

- Bring to each fitting your bra, undergarments, crinoline, shoes, and any other items that will affect the fit of your dress.
- Prices vary according to the construction of the gown, the difficulty of the job, and the time that is involved. Each seamstress sets
her own prices and Bel Fiore is not part of these negotiations. Prices quoted by the seamstress are final, unless later additions are
made, and must be agreed upon at the time of the 1 st

- The total of my alterations is due at your 1 st

fitting. The cost of my alterations includes only what is on my initial worksheet and any
variations or modifications from the original worksheet will be at an additional cost. Any balance must be paid in full before I take
possession of the dress.
- If I need to cancel or postpone my appointment, I will contact Bel Fiore at least 24 hours prior to my appointment.
- A $25.00 pinning fee will be charged by the Seamstress for all cancelled alterations after the 1 st

fitting, but before the work has

- Once my alterations are complete and I have taken possession of my gown, Bel Fiore is no longer responsible for the gown,
unless I have purchased a Storage Agreement. It is my responsibility to try on and thoroughly inspect my gown before I leave the
- I understand Bel Fiore reserves the right to decline alterations services at its discretion.
Please read and if you need additional clarification ask a Bel Fiore Store Manager to review as you will be asked to sign

and agree to the terms and conditions herein prior to your items being ordered.